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Stoneland Fossil Reclining Sofa, Double Reclining Loveseat with Console & Rocker Recliner

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For those that love the cool look of leather but long for the warm feel of fabric, this reclining set delivers both with ease. Its high-performance padded faux leather is remarkably durable and easy to clean, just the thing for family spaces. Channel-stitched back cushions provide indulgent lumbar support for maximum comfort—not to mention fashion-forward flair.

Stoneland - Fossil - Reclining Sofa

Dimensions 90"W x 41"D x 42"H
Weight 233 lbs

Stoneland - Fossil - DBL Rec Loveseat w/Console

Dimensions 82"W x 41"D x 42"H
Weight 227 lbs

Stoneland - Fossil - Rocker Recliner

Dimensions 43"W x 41"D x 42"H
Weight 119 lbs