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Return Policy

Customer Pick-Up Items:

Returns for all furniture pick-ups will be handled at the Distribution Center by calling 931-648-3040.

Distribution Center personnel will be able to authorize a return within 72 hours, with full credit minus any restocking fees (see Restocking Fees and Refunds), provided that, once inspected, the item(s) are in like-new condition and re-sellable once they are returned. The store will not authorize any credit until after the inspection of the item(s) has occurred. If an item has been damaged by the customer after they have picked it up, we have the right to charge the customer for the repair of the item or disallow the return. The Distribution Center will notify the store of the condition of the product after inspection. After a customer has had an item in their home for more than 72 hours, the item(s) are considered their property.

Delivered Items:

The return policy for all delivered items will be at the discretion of the Store Manager for 72 hours after delivery. An inspection may be required. The item(s) must be in like-new condition and re-sellable. Once an item is picked up and approved for return, the store will be notified, and the store will issue a credit to the customer minus any restocking fees (see Restocking Fees and Refunds). After a customer has had an item in their home for more than 72 hours, the item(s) are considered their property

Comfort Exchanges on Mattresses:

On mattresses, these policies will also be followed, only if a mattress pad is purchased. An exception is granted only if the customer purchases a mattress pad, it is used on the bed in question, and they wish to initiate the 60-day comfort exchange policy. There will always be an inspection with a comfort exchange before it is approved. Any return on a mattress after 72 hours rests solely with the company president, upon inspection of the mattress.

  • We will not take back any mattress that has any stains.
  • All floor model mattresses are purchased “as-is” and the return for comfort exchange does not apply: all sales are final.
  • Adjustable bases, pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, top of bed, and any other bedding accessories are not available for return.
  • Defects will be addressed by the company president, unless the vendor authorizes returns on defective products, in which case the customer will contact the vendor to initiate an exchange on defective products.
  • Bedding Accessories such as pillows, mattress protectors, comforters are final sale.

Warranty Exchanges/Exchanges:

Warranty Exchanges will follow these same policies. Inspections will always be done and will only be authorized once an inspection has been done. On all exchanges, customer must reselect product within 30 days of approval and have the product picked up or delivered within 30 days of reselection date. The defective product must be returned to us within a total of 60 days or we will void the authorized exchange.

Restocking Fees and Refunds:

  • If furniture is not in like-new condition, we have the right to charge the customer for the repair of the item, only allow a partial credit, or disallow the return altogether.
  • Any return approved after 72 hours will be charged a 30% restocking fee in the first 30 days. We will not refund any protection plans, delivery fees, haul-away fees, or additional service fees.
  • After 30 days, we will charge a minimum of 30% restocking fee per year on any items approved for a return. This also includes any defective product that is not covered by a manufacturer or extended warranty.
  • On custom upholstery orders, all sales are final.
  • If other merchandise has been Special Ordered (that we do not normally stock), has been held in our warehouse and been discontinued, or is a floor sample, a 50% restocking fee will apply.
  • If stock merchandise has been held for a customer, a 30% restocking fee will apply. If items have been financed, we will refund any amount directly to the finance company or offer an in-store credit at our option.